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SEO blog writing has undergone a huge evolvement, but its advantages still remain the same. That said, you can still utilize effective SEO writing techniques so as to get an improved rank on search engine results. Despite all the speculation in the industry, SEO is still alive and kicking, and is one of the main ingredients used to rank your website.

SEO Writing Tips

The techniques mentioned below do not include black hat tactics or keyword spamming, but writing optimized content using Google-friendly practices. At the end of the day, your business depends on how easily searchable you are.

Here is a fantastic collection of the best SEO writing tips to boost the visibility of your site.

Techniques To Rank Higher In SERPs

1. Evaluation and Planning

The most fundamental aspect of result oriented SEO copy writing is the phase when you chalk out the plan, which is overlooked most of the time. Researching and evaluating to find the proper keywords will make your job as a writer much easier. Create a relevant list of primary and secondary keywords. This saves you time besides keeping you focused and delivering great results with every blog post.

2. Use SEO-friendly software

Well-known blogging platforms, such as WordPress make it easy to write and optimize your content, especially when you use the most suitable plugins.

3. Consistency

Search engines put incredible stock into articles that are written consistently. Consistency while writing for SEO can be seen in various ways: it can be the quality of the blog posts you write or the frequency of posting them. This is why you need to be consistent while writing articles while ensuring that their quality remains top notch.

4. Elaborate

Comprehensive, long blog posts have greater chances of performing well in SERPS.  Create each post of at least 1500 words or more if the situation so demands. This way, you might get a boost in ranking. According to SerpIQ, your content should contain at least 2000 words if you want it to rank it in the top 10 organic positions of Google.

5. Keep your readers engaged

Interesting content keeps readers hooked to your website. Google looks at the time visitors spend on your site and the bounce rate when ranking pages, which is one of the most ignored SEO writing tips.

6. Titles

An important factor that can entice people to read your article includes the title. In fact, the title is the first thing which is looked at by search engines. The best thing you can do to make your title look impressive is to use the main keyword in it. This makes it look catchy and lures people to read it.

7. Linking

Linking your article to relevant websites is perhaps one of the best SEO writing tips. The best practice is to place links to top-ranked sites that can give more information to your readers. Furthermore, the same links can be of great help for your search engine ranking.

8. Use subheads

Subheaders can organize your article and describe it to search engine bots. An important thing to be considered here is the use of keywords.

9. Keyword usage

Place the primary keywords in the beginning of each blog post. Keywords used at the start of the article can be heavily advantageous. The next step is to use keywords in the body of the content. However, ensure that the keywords have a balanced ratio since stuffing them can have a negative impact on your site’s ranking. Here is a detailed guide on using keyword density for your articles.

10. Include attractive snippets

The two important factors that make readers click through from SERPs include your page title and the meta-description. Again, the rate of click-through greatly affects your site’s rankings.

11. Internal links

Linking your content to internal pages circulates link juice and permits search engines and readers to get your website ranked easily.

12. Use long tail keywords

The problem with “fat”, “big” keywords is that they are super competitive and ranking for them demands tremendous effort. On the other hand, there are some searches that are easier to rank for. For instance, it’s easy to get ranked with the long tail keyword “how long should a landing page be?” compared to “landing page”. Writing for SEO demands the use of long tail phrases which have relatively smaller search volume, with the traffic quality being brilliant.

13. Include optimized pictures

Images add life to your content. If they are properly optimized (descriptions, alt text, keyword titles, file size), they can greatly improve traffic and SEO.

14. Use LSI keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is an arrangement used by search engines to rank a site. LSI looks for synonyms associated to the title of your page. For instance, if the title is “Classic Cars”, search engines will try to find words related to that particular subject in the content, such as “automobiles”, “collectors”, “car auctions”, “Austin” and “Bentley”. This is why you need to use synonyms and similar words that make your content stand out.

15. Answer the questions of your prospects

Answering the questions from your prospects about your products or services is one among the many SEO writing techniques that can be used to your ultimate advantage. This is because they will probably be typing the same questions into search engines.

16. Use online tools

While writing for SEO, remember to use the best online tools. Here is a list of 7 essential SEO tools that can help in everything from keyword research and writer’s block to productivity.

SEO Content Writing Tips For High Google Rankings

17. Share your content and get it noticed

Sharing your content gives you free traffic and links. The more shares your article gets, the more popular it will be in the eyes of search engines. Share your content via newsletters, influencers, relevant forums and social media channels.

18. Write for humans

It’s 2015 and nobody seems to be interested in reading SEO content-honestly speaking, not even the search engines. Google prefers natural blog posts rather than apparent SEO stuff. Furthermore, there’s no point in improved rankings if your content fails to convert.

19.  Keep a swipe file

One of the important aspects of SEO writing techniques involves keeping a file that contains your very best ideas that sprout from nowhere, templates and keywords. This can save you a lot of time while finally getting down to write.

20. Use numbers in your headlines

Do you really want humans to read your content? If so, add numbers to your headlines. It’s seen that headlines with numbers eventually get more clicks; our brains simply love lists. Furthermore, they aid readability and promise something specific.

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