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You might work hard to write a post on your blog with a unique content which can stand alone, but that is not enough. After a posting article the next thing that you have to make sure to promote your blog effectively. What does this means? Let me clear, it is obvious that you have to write unique content to get loyal visitor and promoting your blog also is that much important. What does means effective blog? It means that you have good amount of traffic, huge readership with returning visitor, and less bounce rate. These are the first priority of effective blogging. There are so many blogs are coming these days and it is increasing day by day so it is not easy task to having your blog noticed.

8 Way to Promote Your Blog

To gain all these thing you have to promote your blog effectively. You do no have time to wait for someone and visit your blog, instead that bring your blog to the people. Blog promotion is one of the part of blogging. It is good to have a well known blog under your ownership. It will make you popular. So let’s talk about, “How to Promote Your Blog Effectively”.

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1. Use of Social Media

Slowly but it have been proven that utilizing a social media can drive a traffic to your blog. It is one of the best way to promote your blog, and for free. Social media sites are very popular and people around the world are keen visit these sites for fresh contents, like Facebook,


and more. Social sites are made for interaction, so it will take some more time to make your blog popular but that will effective. You can post your blog on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. But make sure that you have to be active on these site, otherwise your post will mark as spam. Engage in interaction on social media, so that you can get more connection, and more connection means more readers. Most important thing, always think about quality instead of quantity. Always make new friends if you can and interact on social media very sincerely.

2. Use Social Bookmarking Sites

One of the great thing about the social bookmarking sites is, you will get the backlinks which can increase your pagerank. Social bookmarking site like Digg, StumbleUpon and Del.icio.us could be nice to get good traffic with backlinks. You can utilize these site to post your stories. Only the thing is you have to use it properly, in return it will promote your blog and will provide your huge number of visitor.

Social media and bookmarking not charge you any fees but it maybe a form of advertising. If you have a personal blog then it depends on you that you willing to pay or not but you run a business blog then you might go for advertising that requires some investement. There are so site which offering paid advertising like Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

3. Syndicate Your Content

To promote your blog effectively, syndicating your content is on of the great thing. There several sites that allows you to syndicating your content, some of them are free while some fo them give payment for the content that you share on it. You can try Social Media Today and Business 2 Community. They could be great source to approach larger audience.

4. Guest Blogging

Posting an article on blog that owns by other called guest blogging. By guest posting, it will gives you opportunity to get attention from the other blog’s readers. Till date guest blogging is quite popular in bloggers for its benefit. Being a guest blogger on other blog you can get some backlinks as well as some visitor from that blog, but make sure that you choose right blog. Whenever you guest post, give your best to write a content. It will leave a good impression to that blog readers and they will attract to your blog. Alwasy try to pick a blog that has same niche as yours. if guest bloggin allows you to interact with readers that is good for you. When choosing a blog for guest posting make sure that the blog have bio page on it or it gives little space below post as your bio. Speak about these things to host when applying for guest post.

Always keep your blog live and do no guest blog so often. However your blog is the only reason for the guest blogging. You can also some other blogger to guest posting on your blog for some topic variation and SEO, but on same niche.

5. Mention Your Blog on Your Other Sites

Alwasy remember that you have to mention your blog on your other sites. You can mention it such way like bio, websitem online resume, email signature, social media accounts, other blogs, internet profile and other sites that you have on web.

6. URL Shortening

Shortened the URL of you blog post before

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sharing on social media

. You can use TinyURL sites which shortened your post URL. This will provide more room to create comments which can entice other members and followers to your blogs.

7. Active on Forums and Discussions

Participate on the groups that is similar to your blog niche. There are several forums and dicussion groups are online for every niche almost. Respond to the questions and join the conversation  to give your own contribution. Offer a free advice and provide the links for helpful information. You can also mention your blog within the discussion if it is relevant to it. Do not spam with unrelated links and information otherwise you may be blocked.

8. Comment on Other Blog

You can also comment on other blogs to promote yor blog. Make sure that your comment is genuine and note made only for promotion of you blog otherwise it will be deleted immediatly. You can build our redearship via commenting and also can build the relationship to blog owners.

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