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  • Avast! Advanced Suite provides comprehensive security for file servers, PC workstations and email servers
    • The antivirus solution in Avast is superb and has passed ICSA lab certification and received Virus Bulletin VB100% certification
    • It also provides protection from programs that try to disable it
    • It has the ability to perform PUSH updates which are essential to keep your software up-to-date
    • The interface is very easy to use and comes with two varieties, simple and advanced


  • Avast Advanced Suite doesn’t provide telephone support
    • Overall, it’s not the best internet security for small business, but it’s a very good software product

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Avast Antivirus Advanced Suite

Avast! Advanced Suite 2011 is the ideal business internet security software suite for both small and medium sized businesses.

It protects all your systems from malware and phishing threats and this includes all your client PC workstations, file servers and email servers. And you won’t have to worry about protecting your employees too, including the mobile devices they use for business.

Avast! is comprised of several components which help to provide effective protection for your PCs and these include Professional Edition for Workstations, Server Edition for Servers, Avast! for Linux/Unix servers, Exchange Server Edition and the Distributed Network Manager.

Firewall Security

Avast! Advanced Suite includes an effective firewall which provides great security protection for your entire business by using a variety of features and utilities.

One of the top ones is the Firewall Network shield. It is an intrusion detection system that analyses all network traffic to keep out malware entirely from your business.

Antivirus Software

Like other top security products, Avast has an antivirus software solution that has passed various certification tests. This includes the ICSA Labs test and also receiving Virus Bulletin VB100% from Virus Bulletin.

It’s a well equipped antivirus kernel and you’ll find it sufficient for your protection needs.

It’s also designed to protect itself from new threats that try to disable it. These then attempt to infect your PCs and cause damage to your files and programs. And this effective protection also includes advanced rootkit detection and removal tools.

Avast! Advanced Suite works in real-time, monitoring all traffic in your systems and ensuring that you aren’t compromised.

Antispyware Software Protection

Avast! protects from all forms of malware including spyware. It has an effective antispyware feature as we’ve found in our review. And is also capable of removing other annoying threats like adware too.

Its spyware removal software is implemented at the individual workstation level and is also part of Avast! Server Edition. So you won’t have to worry about losing your business information to thieves using spyware.

It will also protect you from threats that try to take advantage of your communication methods like P2P networks and IM. Instant Messaging is now a mainstay of business communication and if you utilise this technology, you need to ensure you’re protected at all times.

Ease of Use

Avast! Advanced Suite can be easily integrated into your business. The interface has two profiles, so you can choose a simple or enhanced profile to use the software.

The enhanced profile is most suited for the administrator in your business to have decisive access and control.

You manage the entire software easily with the Distributed Network Manager. It provides a lot of flexibility and allows you to manage your entire security software.

The Distributed Network Manager allows you to easily install and deploy the entire software across your network. And as you add new machines to your network, they will be automatically detected and receive instant security.


Unfortunately, Avast! doesn’t offer telephone support. You can only contact them by email and we found it to be a good email support system.

You will also have access to online resources like a knowledgebase, a forum and an FAQ section.

Avast Premier install, setup and quick guide



Overall, Avast! Advanced Suite is a good small business antivirus security software suite but it’s not the best we’ve found in our reviews.

Other business security software suites to check out are BitDefender Business Security, Kaspersky Business Space Security, Panda Security for Business, Avira SmallBusiness Suite, CA Gateway Security, Kaspersky Small Office Security and Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security.

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