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Blog commenting or blog hoppingas I like to call it, should be part of your daily blog traffic strategy. Commenting on other peoples blogs is a great way of interacting with other bloggers, and also their readers. There are some do’s and don’ts to blog hopping, and also some great benefits, for both you and the other bloggers.

Blog Commenting

First lets have a look at what blog hopping actually is. Blog commenting/hopping is the noble art of visiting other peoples blogs and commenting on their articles. There are some rules that should be followed though.

Rule 1: Leave constructive comments, make sure you read the article and add some constructive content to what the blogger has talked about. If you don’t agree with them, then say so. Don’t just kiss ass for the sake of it.

Comments like “nice post” , “love your blog” will not get you anywhere. Trust me on that.

Rule 2: When you leave your name in the required field, don’t spam it with keywords like “train your puppy”, use your name or a variation of your name. When I comment on other blogs I write my name as “Pete BloggingGenius Carr” this is not spammy, but it gets the point across. People associate me with Blogging Genius.

Rule 3: Try not to put lots of links in your comment, most bloggers will not allow any, some bloggers will allow one. If they allow it then yes use it as this will give you some backlink love. Also don’t forget that you have already been allowed to leave your url. This already will give a backlink, providing the blog is do follow.

How Often Should You Comment:

This is really upto you. If you feel you can consistantly comment on 5 blogs per day then do it. If you can only manage 1 so be it. There are some bloggers that will comment on 30-40 blogs per day. Now I think that is a little excessive but the rewards would be huge. You could even make blog hopping your main traffic source.

The Benefits Of Blog Hopping:

The benefits of blog hopping can be huge. Not only will you see an increase in traffic, but you will get noticed by other bloggers. This can lead to friendships and possible chances for guest blogging.

How to Do Blog Commenting in SEO for High Quality Backlinks | Blog Commenting Tutorial


Another significant benefit to blog hopping is the backlinks that you will gain. Every time you post a comment, you are getting a backlink back to your blog.

Also you will gain the other bloggers trust, they too will visit your blog and leave comments. Remember, a busy blog is a happy blog.

So blog commenting/hopping can really benefit all involved. As with any traffic generation method, consistency is key. If you comment on 1 blog a week, you will not see much benefit. However if you comment on 5-10 per day, you will reap the rewards.

Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear your blog commenting strategies. You can also comment via Facebook, and Tweet this post.

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