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  • eScan antivirus has a free version which is one of the best in the industry
    • has a new feature called Sandbox which runs programs in a safe environment before reaching your PC.
    • It now offers a toll-free phone support


  • It lacks some essential features which are common in other antivirus programs. For example, antiphishing is not available and is needed for fighting fraud
    • Some of its support features are a bit lacking, and could lead one to search in other areas to fix a problem.

eScan Antivirus has come out with some exciting new features like battery saving mode, dock-based user interface and gamer mode. These have propelled eScan antivirus to the top list of antivirus software packages. But it still lags behind the major antivirus products in virus detection and removal of worms, Trojans, viruses and other malware (malicious software)


Scope of Protection

An exciting feature of eScan antivirus is the ability to protect itself from being compromised or interfered with. There are malware programs that remove the protection features of antivirus products and leave the PC open to other threats. So this is a feature we think many users will be pleased with.

eScan antivirus is one of the very few antivirus products that include a firewall. Its firewall is used to keep out all incoming and outgoing malicious software programs. Most other antivirus products rely on the Windows firewall to monitor all traffic and defend from network attack. The windows firewall is basic and doesn’t provide the best protection against new threats, which you’ll find eScan antivirus easy to do.

eScan has the ability to protect you from malware spread through your email contacts. It won’t only scan incoming mail, but will search and scan outgoing mail for any potential threats. This helps prevent threats from moving from one Pc to another and keeps the internet safer. A lot of threats could be prevented if all antivirus products could include similar abilities.

Ease of installation

Installing eScan antivirus is a quick and straightforward process. They provide a download version which is slightly slower than other antivirus programs at installation, but shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes. After installation, you can run an update to get the most current virus definitions. You can then run a complete scan of your computer to search for any threats residing in your PC.

Ease of Use

eScan antivirus software is very easy to use. Most of the times you won’t need to monitor or adjust any features, as it works in the background as you use your computer. All you do is set it once to your needs, and let it do its job. You can of course perform manual scans and adjust settings to meet security needs.

The interface has features that any user, beginner or experienced can understand. The three main features Scan, Update and Tools are at the top of the interface, and each includes features which you can configure to your specific needs.

New Features

eScan Antivirus has included gamer mode, which is a welcome introduction for gamers and user who watch videos online. It suspends any interruptions when you’re in full screen mode for games, movies and presentations. It will automatically detect full-screen applications and engage the mode instantly.

Laptop mode is another new feature in eScan antivirus which you turn on when you’re running on a laptop battery and need to conserve power. It will delay system intensive processes to help you keep your laptop running.

eScan Universal Security Suite (Multi-device License)



eScan includes many support options should you run into any trouble. It’s not as good as what we’ve seen in other antivirus programs but still includes necessary features like email, phone and chat support. There’s also a decent knowledgebase and forum.


eScan antivirus is a good software program but it’s not the best. It has some nice new features which are sure many users will be pleased with.

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