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The additions of antivirus software have taken a new initiative among their customers.  The company itself has been in business for 22 years and believes their newest software is easy, light, more secure, and more complete.

Panda Antivirus

Most importantly, they have released their cloud technology. This innovation allows all the work to be in the cloud and will still provide customers with a fast and efficient security system for their computer.  However, each of the three packages offer different levels of protection.

Panda Antivirus Pro Features

All three Panda antivirus software security options offer the cloud technology.  You will receive everything from:

  • Firewall Protection- This will keep intruders from hacking your system, even if you are setup on a wireless network.
  • Real-Time Protection – Updates will be sent through your Panda security software in real time.
  • Unknown Protection – There are still viruses being used by intruders that are considered “unknown.”  Panda’s cloud technology provides protection, even if the virus is unknown.
  • USB Vaccination – You will not find too many antivirus software packages offering this feature.  The cloud system has the ability to vaccinate your flash drives to keep them from being infected.
  • Virus and Spyware Security – While all antivirus software is used to protect against viruses and spyware, Panda provides extra security against online fraud (phishing), rootkits, and banker Trojans.
  • Web Filter – This addition helps keep you and your family safe while browsing the Internet.

In addition to the cloud technology, the Pro 2013 version also comes with:

  • Faster scanning
  • Gaming/Multimedia mode
  • Maximum disinfection performance
  • Reduced resource consumption

Is the Panda Antivirus Pro your Best Antivirus for Windows?

Consumers would agree, this particular version sounds as if it is enough security for your PC.  However, when compared to the other two antivirus packages below, it does not offer as many benefits.  For instance, anti-spam protection, parental controls, identity protection, and various other components are not available with this option.

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Panda Internet Security

The Panda Internet Security software comes with the same benefits as the Pro version, as well as:

  • Antispam protection – Keeps your email account protected from SPAM.
  • Backup and restore – This feature helps you avoid accidental loss of data or files.
  • Identity protection – Provides security for your personal information.
  • Online backup – Allows you to access data from anywhere.
  • Parental control – Offers a way for parents to keep their children from accessing inappropriate content.
  • Remote PC access – Gives users the ability to gain access from a home or office computer.

Is the Panda Internet Security your Best Antivirus for Windows?

Families tend to lean towards the PIS due to the parental control feature and identity protection.  It is also intended for individuals that are always on the go and need to access their information from anywhere.  In addition, if you want a more secure backup and restoration system (as opposed to your OS), this antivirus software would be beneficial as well.

Panda Global Protection

One of the major benefits associated with the Global Protection software is its ability to improve PC performance.  Most PC owners utilize a separate entity for optimizing their computer and another as their antivirus software.  Panda’s Global version offers both, so you can optimize system speeds and protect your computer at the same time.
You will not receive these three benefits with the Pro or Internet Security editions:

  • File encryption – A protective solution used to keep your files from being read by others.
  • File shredding – Provides complete deletion, so no one will ever be able to access them again.
  • Password manager – This feature allows you to store everything from bank account and credit card numbers to passwords; securely.

Is the Panda Global Protection your Best Antivirus for Windows?

We would recommend this option to anyone that has a substantial amount of personal information and files on their home or office computer.

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