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In this article I will share a step by step process to create an email list that will do business with you. This article will teach you how to attract people to your website and into your list. I will show you a step by step process to grow your list and build a mailing list that can be very powerful.

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I believe that there is some confusion when it comes to using a powerful marketing technique to help you achieve your goals. People would probably like to hear that the following is the absolute simplest and yet the best strategy to achieve success in life.

In other words, success can be achieved with no effort, by implementing the Door to Success. With this, you will first need to get motivated enough to start your journey to success. The basic motivation comes from the knowledge that you want to achieve something.

Motivation for success must come from self-esteem. Before starting any type of marketing, you must be confident that you can do it. This may sound cliche, but it is extremely important.

So, the next step is to discover how you can find this confidence to begin your journey. I have personally learned that a simple, easy way to get motivated to do anything is to set goals. This is the foundation of the Door to Success.

The First Step: Once you have achieved this goal to find and create your list, you must then determine how to then promote this list. I know you have probably been using the MailChimp platform, but I urge you to upgrade to something better. You may be getting the most out of your list by using the MailChimp platform.

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The next step is to have a detailed lead capture sheet that includes the audience, the method of collecting your list, your lead capture services, your mailing list management system, your lead capture directory, how you will deliver your email, the platform you will use to build your list, and any other details that you need to have. Then go ahead and use this list as your template for your product or service.

The Second Item: When creating your list, you must have a second first item that will market your list. I recommend creating a custom newsletter. Your readers will enjoy reading about your product or service and will be motivated to purchase from you.

The Third Item: Once you have created your first item, you can now use your second item to create your third item. You should now have your custom and finished newsletter. You can now market this list with your first custom.

The Fourth Item: This is the final step in the process. Now you have completed the process and you have learned the basic steps to learn how to create an email list that will attract, motivate, and capture leads.

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