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How to start a blog for free has been a common question amongst bloggers for quite some time. It is indeed true that the free hosting of a blog is limited. And what kind of free hosting one gets depends largely on the hosting plan that he/she has selected.

How To Start A Blog

Some hosting companies offer free hosting only to those who have certain traffic and pay-per-click statistics which validate the said blog’s profitability. While there are several hosting companies that do not offer free hosting to those who maintain high traffic and very much qualified traffic.

So you see, it is just like going for a bank loan. The bank will not give you the loan unless you fulfill some certain conditions like paying the bank’s management fee, do not withdraw more than what you have bought, etc.

Before you proceed, make sure that you have fresh ideas for your blog. The only way to do that is to make your blog interesting by posting regular interesting and informative posts. It is of no use to start a blog if you have no new ideas.

It is better if you try to look for existing blogs that have fresh ideas. You can also use the social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to make contacts with other bloggers. Ask them for their feedback on your blog and ideas and ask them to make comments on your blog.

What can you do after that? Write articles on your blog.

Article writing is a great way to get readers’ comments on your blog. If your articles are of quality, people will start to see your blog as a good source of information and as a credible source of blog.

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By writing articles and by including videos in your blog, you can reach the target market of your blog and make sure that they keep coming back to your blog. On the other hand, you can also convert visitors into subscribers by providing them with useful tips and information in exchange of the articles that you post.

As a result, you can reach several people without having to pay a single cent and without spending a single day in creating your blog. Blogging provides you a wide range of options to enhance your blog and make it more useful to your readers.

The very best thing about blogging is that you can make your blog relevant to your niche and your target market. You can also tweak your blog according to the needs of your target market.

So by going for free hosting of a blog, you are actually free from all financial worries. At the same time, you also can have fun with it, as blogging provides you with lots of endless possibilities to make your blog more interesting.

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